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    Quyang ZONGYI HUANYI Sculpture CO.,LTD (formerly: Quyang Arts building engraving plant)is Located in Quyang County Hebei Province,Which is the hometown of Chinese Carving With 2000 years Carving convention. On basis of Succeeding to the with the instruction and strict training by many famous sculptures in China central Art Institute and Tianjin Painting Institute, our Company has learned all kinds of techniques and benefits from western carving and modern carving. Besides, our Company has trained a technical team with superb skills and serious style of working. Our Company has won high parise from all circles, for we achieved a batch of important art projects for Beijing , Tianjin , Shanghai , Guangzhou , Shenzhen,Hongkong,ect,

    At the same time, our Company has produced all kinds of stone carving arts, which are suitable for the indoor and outdoor display for in and abroad collectors and lovers of arts. We also provide elegant replicas of Chinese and Western c...

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